Sunday, June 2, 2013

Smarties Reading Group's Haiku Poems

Steaming and roaring
Hot red and orange lava
Rarely exploding!

                      By Scarlett

rumbling and steaming
squirting lava and rock balls
the ground is shaking
by Roman

Lava is red hot,
It can erupt anytime,
Volcanoes are bright.
by Layton

Volcanoes are cool
                              They can burn furiously
                                Roaring like a dragon
by Kaia

loudly erupting
when it's asleep it hisses
lava exploding
by Jazz

Volcanoes explode
and burn everything around
Volcanoes are hot.
by Jamie

Roaring like a dragon
Lava, steam, ash all around
Volcanoes are cool.
by Hayley

Loudly erupting
Boom goes the big volcano
About to erupt.
by Kate

Volcanoes explode,
Volcanoes burn you to death,
Poisonous smoke fumes.
by Brooke

1 comment:

KG said...

SMARTIES READING GROUP that's what you are. Well done with you haiku poems, they are all fab and really capture my imagination. Great imagery Smarties. Keep up the creativity.