Sunday, June 23, 2013

Procedural Writing

Last week we began to write instructions about something we know how to make well.  This week we are writing recipes.

How to make a Paper Snowflake

Paper plate
1.  Draw carefully around the paper plate onto the paper.

2. Cut out the circle shape you have made. 

3.  Fold the circle shape in half .

4.  Fold it into quarters, so it looks like this triangle.

5.  Cut out small shapes along each edge. 

6.  Unfold your paper when you think you have finished.

Success Criteria Procedural Writing

·        Write a goal/title  e.g. How to Make Toast
·        List all the materials, ingredients, tools and equipment
·        Write the steps with doing words (verbs) at the beginning e.g. Add, Put, Turn,  Pour, Wait
·        Number each step
·        Put the steps in the order they happen
·        Include all the steps needed
·        Use topic words ( eg jam, toast, toaster, butter)
·        Add a picture to help the readers understand  better
·        Try hard words in the margin
·        Make sure all capitals & full stops are confirmed
·      Check my work (proof-read)

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