Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our Success Criteria for Narratives

We looked at lots of narratives, such as fairy tales, fables, legends and a few narratives written by children throughout the world.  We discussed what makes a narrative and then came up with our own success criteria,
Success Criteria: Narratives
I can…
Use capital letters and full stops
Join sentences using conjunctions eg but, and, then, so, when
Use strong adjectives, verbs & adverbs to give extra information and make my work interesting
Use some speaking in my narrative (only when it is needed)
Introduce your story (orientation) Why? Where? When?
Write the events in order
Start and end my narrative using story language eg.  Long ago,  At last…
Use connectives for time to join events together eg First, Later, Then, Next, 
Build up excitement  (have a problem & resolution)
Use long and short sentences (short ones for effect)
Sometimes I can…
Use other punctuation eg exclamation & question marks, commas, speech marks
Use lots of different kinds of sentences eg simple and complex sentences
Begin my sentences in lots of different ways
Use paragraphs
Create suspense by using scary description and adverbs eg suddenly

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